Strategist:   a person who is skilled in making plans for achieving goals : someone who is good at forming strategies that drive results

The most effective plans take the assets and resources available and then maximize the effectiveness and efficiencies to drive dramatic results that focus on corporate goals. The right plan that centers on the best people, processes, systems, messages and efforts can assure the highest level of results in the designated timeframe required for success.

When a good team collaborates with a strategist, the real limitations become opportunities to change the results to great outcomes. With over twenty years in the St. Louis market, MarketTech, Inc. has the experience, tools and knowledge to drive exceptional, real results.



We don’t just tell you what should be done, we can actually help you implement, enhance and achieve the strategic plan that is collaboratively developed.  So many clients appreciate our “get it done” attitude because we will roll up our sleeves and make it happen.  After twenty years, we know what it takes to get rave results.

Our rates are flexible, based on blocks of time and budget billing options, or can be “by the hour” if that is preferred.  Either way, the return on investment is very strong because our focus on revenue growth and profitability for our clients is central to all our actions and plans.


Sr. Strategist and Manager of Insights(3 years)


  • Key client interface to dozens of Fortune 500 companies
  • Strategic analytics creation and presentation from multiple data sources to a visualized executive storyboard
  • Specializing in Channel and Consumer Loyalty Programs, Design and Sales Incentives
  • Hiring of 10 key team analysts and a manager for the Insights Team

Director of Marketing and Strategy(10 years)


  • Re-engineered sales team from industrial equipment sales to Results-based selling
  • Design and messaging for all collateral, show booths and website
  • Executive coaching and strategy development

Sales and Marketing Director(4 years)


  • Re-engineered company from pure manufacturing to a distributor model
  • Hired and trained all sales people (many who are still there) and customer service representatives
  • Created all branding and messaging (website, collateral, show booths, annual catalogs and advertising)
  • Executive coaching and strategy development

International Mulch Co.(4 years)


  • Consulted family owned business with 4 employees and $1M revenue to 20+ employees and $8M in revenue and 2 locations
  • Created all branding and messaging (website, collateral, show booths and advertising)
  • Hired and trained all sales people (many who are still there many years later) and customer service representatives


“MarketTech is an expert at helping business owners capture the nature of their value proposition and why prospective clients would do business with them into a coherent plan. Their approach to helping clients is more than just creative. They bring a complete, closed loop methodology that simply works regardless of the nature of your business.”

“MarketTech, Inc. has worked hand-in-hand with us on creating a strategy that best serves our customers. We truly appreciate their creativity, ‘can-do’ attitude, and speedy service!”

“MarketTech has always been a tremendous contributor to sales and marketing projects for our company. They exceeded expectations and would ensure the work was performed to our satisfaction.”

“Thanks for opening the door to the analytics that we can now use as a strategic tool and how we can tell the story to our clients. It’s a very powerful story and very engaging! Thanks for the great conversations, the education and of most of the teamwork!”

“MarketTech is a key strategic vendor on our supplier list and they really understand our business.  Diana is phenomenal and has been a great asset to our team. “

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend or hire MarketTech for helping you run your business with the best marketing ideas and enthusiasm you’ll ever find. Diana’s truly one of a kind and runs on results and kindness!”


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“This is a game-changer – with these insights and strategy, we can be more forward-thinking, tactical, intentional and effective in the marketplace.  MarketTech is phenomenal!”